meet the family

Inmates in our little asylum
Cathy – me, wife, mother, sister, daughter, S.A.D., watches too much tv
Doug – husband, father, brother, son, I.E.D., O.C.D., severe romanticism
Tommy – age 14, Aspergers and teenageritis
Sarah – age 11, severely normal but seeking teenageritis
Noah – age 8, A.D.D., tender hearted, champion nosebleeder
Amy – age 2, stubborn, funny, extremely verbal
Molly – 6 month old German Shepherd who would be perfect if she’d move from paper trained to housebroken
Lucy – very old golden mix, semi-deaf, semi-blind
Plus 2 cats, several fish and extended family members to add to the insanity.

5 thoughts on “meet the family

  1. what is ied? i got all the rest but that one.
    gives one a good picture of the place. πŸ™‚

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