easy part of labor

Doug is too eager to go to the hospital. “Are you ready to go yet?” Tommy has decided to tantrum all day. Sarah is angry that I made her come home from her friend’s house (she slept there last night and had stuff planned to do today). Noah is playing Star Wars on the PS2 and blissfully unaware of the chaos. Amy wants to talk whenever I am having a contraction. “What you doing Mom? Moooom. I need apple juice. “

3 thoughts on “easy part of labor

  1. ***Cranking out the good labor vibes and sending them to Cathy**

    And PLEASE do let me know if there is anything at all you need that I can do for you all! I am just down the road, four days off of work with nothing better to do than help a family with a new babe … PLEASE ASK! ANYTHING! I mean it! Food … child watching (Tommy and Justin would love each other and Sarah would adore my daughter Annie).

    Is anyone organizing a casserole brigade?

  2. I guess you’re experienced at this, but it seems like blogging would be the last thing on my mind right now!

    Good luck, congrats, and all that!

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