Super Suppers


I love Flickr.

Sarah and I escaped for an hour last night to Super Suppers and she (gasp) was pleasant, funny and wonderful! We haven’t tried any of the food yet but I had so much fun with Sarah that it doesn’t matter if it tastes terrible (it won’t though).  I hope I can do this again with Sarah or maybe even Doug.

Thanks for the idea from Michael and TN Girl

4 thoughts on “Super Suppers

  1. Isn’t it fun?? I loved it. I’m going to go once a month. Which dinners did you get? So far, I’ve tried the stuffed shells, braided bread, fish in a flash and honey ginger chicken with herbed rice. They’ve all been great! My mom is going to the one in Pittsburgh tomorrow and half of my office mates are going to try the one here in Knoxville.

  2. I wanna try! I wanna try!!!

    Our equivalent place is called Meal Makers. Great idea someone came up with… hope they’re sitting back raking it in.

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