Sick Brain

Who changes the Teletubbies’ diapers?  Why is Caillou bald?  Are the Berenstein Bears barefoot because they are hillbillies?  Does Mother Bear wear a long dress and head covering for religious reasons?  Does Daniel Cook ever need a time out?  If one of the Higglytown Heroes gets chicken pox, do they give them to another character’s insides when they do that wierd nesting doll thing?  Why are Robbie Rotten’s pants so unflattering and Sportacus’ pants so extremely flattering?

8 thoughts on “Sick Brain

  1. ewwww! and just what would BE in a Teletubby diaper? some “reruns”??? ewwww!!!

    BTW, congrats on the new look for your blog. have made adjustments to link here from my page.

  2. Tubby Custard, of course!

    I’ve always wondered who cleans up after Clifford, the big red dog (and, is it red, too?)

  3. I’d like to know if Blue has ever gotten busy with Magenta…

    Also, does Bob the Builder get paid? What currency do they use?

    Does Dora’s mother know she’s out crossing rivers, mountains, bridges and other large geographic boundaries?

    And finally, shouldn’t Dr. Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm be looking into those purple, green and yellow dinosaur sightings?

  4. The Teletubbies don’t wear diapers. They do not excrete waste the way humans do. However, I don’t know what they DO do, especially after eating all that Tubby Toast.

    Caillou is bald for varying reasons; PBS Kids says Caillou is bald because he’s based on the much younger child of the earliest books. However, Chouette Publishing, Caillou’s publisher, says Caillou is bald to be universally appealing to all children.

    The Berenstain Bears are barefoot because shoes and socks would get caught up in their long toenails, and be painful.

    Mother Bear’s hat has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with style.

    Clifford takes care of business behind his doghouse. Do we ever see behind his enormous doghouse? As for the excrement itself, it’s likely brown, despite Clifford’s own unusual color.

    Bob the Builder and Wendy issue invoices at the end of the month. Like the rest of their large tools, they have anthropomorphic eyes and talk. However, the invoices tend to negotiate with clients on the barter system. Consequently, Bob and Wendy haven’t seen a thin dime in years, and are dodging the IRS.

    Dora’s backpack and all those talking stars that hang around with her have GPS chips in them. Dora’s mother keeps tabs on her on the Web with help from Google Earth. Boots is also one of the best FBI agents in the world in one of the best disguises in the world. Fantastico!

    Blue and Magenta are neutered. As are Steve and Joe, it would appear.

    Adults don’t believe in purple, green and yellow dinosaurs (or their incessant songs), and therefore simply don’t see them. It’s akin to the Somebody Else’s Problem field documented in books by Douglas Adams.

    And, for what it’s worth, Curious George was house-trained long before he ever even met The Man With The Yellow Hat.

  5. Bill, that sums it up. I have a lot of interesting reasons why they do the weird things they do on the cartoons. I guess from having to watch them everyday with my son. I think all of the characters on Calliou have had strokes and can only smile/eat/talk on one side of their faces and Calliou is a whiney brat. I HATE BARNEY but my son loves him. Well I guess I must go to continue to ponder cartoon odities.

  6. Caillou is bald because if you notice in some episodes the family has a garage and in some they don’t. In the lost episode “Caillou plays with matches” he burned down the garage AND singed his hair off. But every thing turned out ok and his parents only slightly raised any concern.

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