It’s raining squirrels

This morning Tommy and Molly stepped outside for a game of ball (to calm Molly and focus Tommy) when a squirrel dropped from the sky.  Well, maybe it fell off a power line or a tree branch but from my point of view it seemed to just drop from nowhere.  I looked at that little white furry tummy in horror and my mind raced.  Bird flu?  Poison?  Rabies?  Oceanic Air?  Where did it come from anyway?  Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Tommy was paralyzed like a deer in headlights.  As Molly trotted to the squirrel and leaned over to give it a big sniff, Doug sprung into action.  He screamed at Molly to go back in the house as he ran toward the cat who was making a single leap across the length of the entire front lawn to pounce and eat the poor creature.  As Doug attempted to keep the cat away, the squirrel suddenly flipped and flopped like a fish before scuttling up a nearby tree.  The cat was annoyed, the dog was oblivious and Tommy was confused.  As the bus pulled in, Doug warned Tommy to carry an umbrella today in case any more squirrels fall.  Tommy will be flinching and ducking all day.

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