inventions we need

Like most parents of small children, we have a Little Tikes climbing toy. It has large circle cut-outs for children to climb on and through. It takes Evan less than 3 seconds to climb to the second story of the climbing toy. If the holes were blocked he could actually play up there without everyone staring and holding their breath in fear. I’m thinking something along the lines of ‘the club’ would work great. Does ‘the club’ even exist any more? Either way, if someone could please invent something to block the holes on the climbing toys it would be greatly appreciated.

I’m still waiting for the sippy cup with a child-proof lid.

3 thoughts on “inventions we need

  1. I hated those things. We had one of the larger ones, and my oldest jumped off the top of it when she was 7 and shattered her wrist!

  2. Yes, “The Club” still exists, as a matter of fact there are even some cheap imitations now that may serve the purpose since being theft proof is not your goal.

    You could also do this with some nylon netting, secured with a few screws into the plastic.

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