birthday blab

Have I mentioned that over the course of about a month, 4 of my children have birthdays?  Yes?  Well, I’ll say it a dozen more times before the birthday season has passed.  Did I mention that there are several other family birthdays during that same 30 day period?  Yes?  Well, I’ll just keep freaking out until we survive them all.  For the past few years, we had one big party together for extended family and friends and a small family celebration on the actual birth date.  This year Sarah and Noah complained that they didn’t like the party for everyone.  It was a bit chaotic to have multiple cakes going and a song that went on forever (“Happy Birthday dear Noah and Evan and Amy and Sa-rah”) but it made my life easier.  This year Amy wants her party at Pump-it-up.  Noah wants a sleepover but he also wants to go see X-Men 3 with his friends.  Last time I checked it wasn’t even rated yet, so I’m a bit confused on that one.  Evan could care less what we do.  Sarah is “still deciding” what she wants.  At least I don’t have to plan anything for my grandmother, Doug’s grandmother, my nephew and two of my sister-in-laws.  I did mention that all of this takes place over an incredibly short period of time didn’t I?

5 thoughts on “birthday blab

  1. It’s amazing how you totally excluded your birthday from that list!! hehe

    btw I want my party at Pump-it-up also. Or at least a spacewalk in the backyard!

  2. I want my birthday at Pump it UP!!! oh, mine’s not one of the 30 days of dooooom.

    Well, maybe Carmom will want her birthday there. All you Spring people wierd me out.

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