Noah says

Noah had to write an essay on endurance to get his yellow belt. He wrote:

To have endurance is to be patient, and I do it all the time. I have to endure being short and slow. I have to endure my sister’s taunts. I have to endure lots of things. But I’m sure that I can keep enduring things at school and at home and at Boy Scouts and at karate and everywhere I go. My dad thinks that endurance is the ability to play in the yard the longest. He says that it is going on even when you want to quit. My mother thinks that endurance is the ability to stick to something and see it through to completion so that you can be proud of what you’ve done. Keep on enduring, me!

One thought on “Noah says

  1. I must give him credit for his unique — and accurate — take on the word endurance. Sure, they were probably looking for something more along the lines of Mom and Dad’s responses, but he was honest and on the money.

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