I need a new bookmark

Last week I was reading in bed until I started feeling sleepy. I reached up on the headboard for something to use as a bookmark and the only thing I could find was an empty square wrapper. I stuffed it in the book without giving it a second thought. Two days later I decided to take my book to Noah’s karate class which was stupid since Evan would never allow me to do something as silly as try to read a book. I put Evan on the floor with his toys and went to hold Amy up for the water fountain. Before I could make it the few feet back to Evan, he had pulled my purse off a chair and dumped it everywhere. My purse contains about 286 interesting items, but Evan went straight for the book. He flung it across the room and the makeshift bookmark flew out of it’s hiding place so that everyone in the waiting area could see it. I wasn’t embarrassed though. Everyone was probably relieved to know about it. “I guess they’re not Catholic.”

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