we’re bringing the dog – everywhere

Molly considers herself a member of the family as much as we do.  She is gentle and loving  toward every one of us and except for the occasional smack by her happy tail, she never does harm.  Well, she never harms her people.  Since Lucy’s death, Molly has gotten very upset when left home alone.  We have come home and learned that she has cleared everything off my desk and scattered it all over the floor or eaten a houseplant.  Yesterday she expressed her distress much more clearly.  She clawed the back of the front door and ate the doorknob.  The metal doorknob has dents and teeth punctures all over it.  It is quite obvious that she was trying to open the door or get through it to find her people.  Short of tranquilizers when we leave the house, I guess we just need to take Molly with us wherever we go.  I just don’t know of many dog-friendly grocery stores in Knoxville.

3 thoughts on “we’re bringing the dog – everywhere

  1. What can you say about this? Um… Never… and I mean NEVER anger a dog that has the jaw strength to bite through a metal doorknob.

  2. kennel.

    I had a dog once and we had to go out of town for the day. I put up the baby gate to keep her in the kitchen as she refused to be housetrained.

    We came home and she had destroyed all the hanging clothes in the laundry area and literally dug a hole in the linoleum floor!

    We bought a kennel that night.

  3. I used to have to give my dog Benadryl when she was in a state like that when I would leave until she got used to the changes — you can give it to them at 1 mg per lb up to three times a day.

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