4 thoughts on “you know your children are far apart in age when

  1. You certainly seem to hang our with a rather opionated bunch don’t you? Of course being the over protective dad I am, any person (other than the wife) that would make such a swimsuit comment about my daughter, would no longer need to be around me or my daughter again ever, because after all, what exactly were they looking at?

  2. Well, glad to hear that. (Forgive me if I seem over-reactionary… I feel like my daughter is growing up so fast, and I fear things like this in the future).

    But on the other hand, it sounds to me (an outsider obviously) that I guess “the family” is quite opinionated. I mean, the American Academy of Pediatrics says Breast Milk only for 6 months and a combination of solids and Breast Milk to one year. Evan has just reached a year. So what makes him “too old” for breastfeeding? Just my couple of copper pennies.

  3. Just wait until you get that dreaded phone call, "um, this is Mr. Soandso. I think your daughter and my son like each other. He’s asked permission to see if she can go on a date…"

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