haircut = growing up

Amy’s hair has never been cut. Since she was nearly bald for the first two years of her life, it just wasn’t an issue. She took so long to get hair that when it finally started growing, we didn’t dare trim it. Since she has my frizzy curls and Doug’s kinky curls, it is a curly, messy, bird’s nest. Freshly combed (“Ouch! Stop it! That hurts!”), it is sort of okay, but a few minutes later, the longest hairs in the very back of her head have clumped together in one beautiful ringlet. That lovely ringlet falls exactly in the middle of her back like a “tail”. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but tails are just a teensy bit too 80s and whole lot too redneck. Part of me wants to take the scissors and clip that silly tail off her hair but another part of me just can’t bring myself to trim her cute little mop of hair. If Evan’s bald little head ever grows hair, he will probably go to Kindergarten with shoulder length tresses.

2 thoughts on “haircut = growing up

  1. When Justin was little, he grew a perfect mullet. I finally cut the back when he was about 4. It was kinda cute actually …

  2. If you cut it, it will get much thicker and easier to manage.

    (says the mom who refuses to cut the baby’s hair because her curls will go away)

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