I’m a Disney Mombie

I know I complained about how tired I am of listening to the songs from that other Disney channel movie, but I am really enjoying the Rascal Flatts video for Cars. When I found out Disney was making a movie for the Nascar crowd, I rolled my eyes and decided we would wait for the DVD, but I’m reconsidering based on the coolness of the soundtrack.

4 thoughts on “I’m a Disney Mombie

  1. I have a good friend who saw the big premier at the race track in Charlotte (his daughter won a contest and got tickets), and they said it was a fantastic movie. Hubby and I are hoping to be able to see it soon!

  2. While it may certainly appeal to the NASCAR crowd because the characters are cars, I would hardly call it “a movie for the Nascar crowd.”

    The best comparison I can make (from the previews, clips, trailers, etc) would be to the old Michael J. Fox movie, “Doc Hollywood” (am I dating myself here?)

  3. My son cant wait to see it. he is obsessed with cars. Doesnt matter what kind. Any kind will do jsut fine for him

  4. We are taking our daughter to see it on Saturday. I know that you were looking for things for the kids to do this summer, and here is something that our bank does. Our bank has a kids club each summer, they give out free t-shirts, candy, banks…and every Tuesday morning they have a free viewing of a Disney movie at the local theater. It only was $5.00 to join the club, and we go to the movies once a week for free. “Cars” is the first free movie for the kids, and my husband can’t wait to go either.

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