Day One

Katie isn’t posting her weekly suggestions until this weekend, but I am going to get started now or I’ll never make it to day #50. Today’s theme is ‘reading’. Tommy and Noah are voracious readers but Sarah would rather be doing other things. When I was her age I had read through every single Bobbsey Twin, Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew book. I’ll be lucky if I can get Sarah to read all of the Traveling Pants books. We started out by joining our local library‘s reading club. After the children have read (or been read to) for a certain number of hours they get free coupons for ice cream and admission to some local attractions. I think we’ll go back to sign Doug and I up for the adult program. In past years we have found bookstores that had similar programs. After signing up, we headed to our large local used book store for a few ‘new to us’ books. Except for the evil automated toilets (“I wasn’t ready.”), everyone had a great outing.

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