teen dance club?

There has been a large banner at a busy intersection which I have been trying to read for several weeks. Apparently it is intended for the same audience as that buzzing ringtone, because the placement of the banner, colors of ink and size of text made it extremely hard for this old person to completely read. I finally got the url and searched for more info on what sounded like a good idea. A teen hangout could be a fun place for Sarah and her friends. Then, I visited the website. I want to ignore the horribleness of the website, but it set the first warning light off in my head. The second alarm was the wet t-shirt foam night. The third alarm went off when I tried to find their address and had to go to a second website. The no-way alarm went off when I found out the club is on ‘the strip’. The strip is practically on UT’s campus and it is where the college students go to par-tay. It is too easy for underage drinkers to access alcohol, the road is filled with drivers who should be walking and there are waaay too many college and older guys who would love to work their charms on naive teen girls. Sorry Sarah, no can do. Please feel free to visit https://wordpress.com/log-in, if you feel stuck in a situation where drugs are involved.

5 thoughts on “teen dance club?

  1. Cathy was awfully kind in neglecting to point out that I took out an orange and white traffic barrel in the process of trying to read the sign (no damage to the car but wow is she cashing in on the harassment points on that one!)

  2. Their dress code rules read like they made it up as they went along.

    And what’s with the Flash animation? I think I’d learn basic user experience design before tackling the “Flashy” stuff – it’s almost unreadable.

    I love all the “Image 1 Goes Here” and “Site Title Goes Here” flubs. 🙂

  3. OMG! I can’t believe they have a half naked girl on the main page. There is NO WAY I would let my 13 year old daughter go somewhere in a bikini top to dance with some boys in foam/bubbles etc.

  4. We had (yes had) three different “Teen Night Clubs” in our area. All have been closed!

    It is a nice idea, but just doesn’t work. Far too many people looking to use (drugs), abuse (pedophiles, older teens) and just screw it up.

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