firefly hunting

Last night’s firefly safari netted 13 blinking bugs.  Since they share one jar, they have trouble not letting them go as they catch them.  Amy has trouble resisting the urge to let them go inside the house.  I have trouble remembering to let the bugs go AFTER the children are in bed but BEFORE I fall asleep.  When we were kids, we hunted fireflies at my grandmother’s house in Natchez Trace Park, but we each had our own jar.  Of course, my grandmother rinsed out and kept every single glass jar that she came across to use for canning season.  I don’t have a crawlspace to fill with old jars and I don’t want my children running around with glass, but I do have a plastic jar filled with mayo that they can have when it’s empty.  Maybe it’s time to make some chicken pasta salad.

2 thoughts on “firefly hunting

  1. I remember catching bees in a clear plastic laundry powder jug and then we would aggitate it and listen to them buzz. Amazingly, I don’t think we got stung.

  2. Fireflies…… I really miss those. Where we lived in Tennessee last year we had a ton of them in our front and mostly backyard. Some times I really miss Tn.

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