icky eye

Yesterday morning I woke up to a red, swollen eyelid.  Like most uninsured people, I set out to diagnose myself on blingo.  Let’s see, the first possibility is cellulitis and that requires antibiotics, so I’ll keep looking.  Second possibility is an eye socket infection and that just sounds gross so, no thank you. Third possibility is a clogged tear duct which requires no antibiotics. That’s it!  That’s what’s wrong with my eye.  I stuck my head in the sand and life was good.

One thought on “icky eye

  1. This might freak you out a little bit, but the best home remedy for eye infections is breast milk.

    I remember trying it on the girls when they got pinkeye as babies and voila.

    (And it’s much less gross than the thought of peeing on your own feet to cure athlete’s foot – which, by the way, also works.)

    Ew. But Yay.

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