fun, fun Friday


  1. Clean & decorate house
  2. Noah comes home from camp
  3. Finish shopping for Sarah’s birthday
  4. Take Sarah to bead store
  5. Take Noah to karate
  6. Pick up giant cookie
  7. Buy drinks
  8. Pick up Sarah
  9. Pick up Noah
  10. Grandparents come over
  11. Friend #1 & #2 arrive
  12. Eat pizza and giant cookie
  13. Sarah opens gifts
  14. Jump on trampoline
  15. Friend #1 leaves
  16. Tommy, Noah & Amy spend the night with the grandparents
  17. Friend #2 spends the night with Sarah
  18. Swimming on Saturday
  19. I complain about the heat in the house
  20. Tree in road, wreck, storm, traffic lights out and geese crossing road slow me down

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