Sometimes its hard to be a woman

For Tommy, puberty meant applying deoderant frequently. He carries his aerosol in his pocket and leaves a trail of either the scent from the can or the scent of too long without the can everywhere he goes. For Sarah, being told that this summer she shouldn’t wear a light colored, unlined swimsuit resulted in her removing the offending hair with a razor. Instead of tossing needed items in the grocery cart, she sent her 4-year-old sister to pick them out. “Get that pink and blue box right there and put it in Mommy’s basket.” When she wasn’t handed the child’s menu at our favorite ‘kids eat free’ restaurant, she almost broke down and cried. “But, I want something off my regular menu.” Poor Sarah. Getting to stay up a little later on school nights just isn’t enough compensation for everything else.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes its hard to be a woman

  1. Be careful. Teen girls can spin their heads around like Linda Blair and if you make eye contact, they can melt your frontal lobe with their evil eyes.

  2. I was talking to a mother of a 14 year old girl today. The mother described the girl as an avid soccer player, and slender with muscular legs. The girl insists she is fat.

    So, based upon this testament, other similar teenage descriptions of themselves, and our own daughter’s declaration that her stick like figure is gross and huge, I have concluded that all teenage girls are FAT.

    I’m no longer clear on the definition of fat mind you.

  3. Doug is right,,they all think that, unfortunately.. when I was 13, I was told to loose wt if I wanted to take my gymnastics seriously. So I went to the library and checked out ‘Crash diets for Teens’,, written by a DR no less! Can you believe that.. so I lost down to 68 lbs.. which I weighed when I entered high school.

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