In my dream house (an old schoolhouse for anyone not paying attention), all the clothing for the entire family would be in one room. Everything would be sorted by size and gender. No longer would I have to quiz a clueless husband and teen son about the owner of a pair of pants or a shirt (“I dunno if it’s mine.”). No more growling because I put the wrong child’s socks or underwear in a dresser drawer (“Those are MY favorite socks.”). No more days wasted pulling out clothes that don’t fit, moving them to a younger sibling’s closet and then listening to the drama the first time a younger sibling wears something ‘new to them’. Nope. One giant closet would make laundry sooo much easier.

3 thoughts on “fantasizing

  1. I don’t know, maybe it’s just be but I would hate for my wife to call me “clueless” in front of a big blog audience… I’m just sayin’.

  2. Our younger sibling has managed to escape the hand-me-downs by growing a much bigger butt than his older brother… so the older brother’s pants don’t fit. Sneaky…

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