be safe Sarah

Tomorrow morning, Sarah leaves for 10 days at a Florida beach with her best friend’s family, she found the place she is staying in at The Florida Review Guide online. Her friend’s father is a law professor at UT, but he’s not a blogger. I’m not very well-versed in Catholicism, but it seems that they have a point system in heaven which rewards compassion toward the poor people while on Earth. I hope they get bonus points for taking a teenage girl for 10 days. In the past 24 hours, we’ve had laughter, crying, dancing, sulking, anger, annoyance and a thousand other emotions expressed by the hormone princess. I’ll join the church that sends a crew to our house on a ‘mission trip’ to paint, build, plumb and wire this house back together. The sanity it would give Doug would be sooo worth it.

3 thoughts on “be safe Sarah

  1. Have you seen the Malcolm in the Middle episode where they join a church and the church does send a crew over to paint their house? Let me just say it wasn’t pretty 😉

  2. Maybe if you changed your street name to Katrina Lane someone may get confused on their way to New Orleans and come repair your place instead.

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