summer reading

Ahhh, June first and the start of summer fun school assignments. The youngest children don’t have formal assignments, so they get to choose their own books and we casually work on specific skills. Evan excels at numbers, so we are learning what sounds belong to each letter. Amy’s reading and writing abilities are amazing, so […]

hiding out

I have no personal space. I thought about hiding in our bedroom closet until I realized that it is filled with everyone’s stuff but mine. It’s not fair to hide in someone else’s clothes. You would think the bathroom would be a safe place for privacy, but you’d be wrong. Even the newest 4-y-o picks […]

One week till school starts

Me: “How is the summer assignment coming Sarah?” Sarah: “I can’t work on that until I finish my book.” Me: “How is the summer assignment coming Sarah?” Sarah: “I’m thinking about it.” Me: “Do you need help?” Sarah: “No.” Me: “When are you going to do it?” Sarah: “After I finish my book.” Me: “No.” […]

e-vil cicadas

After a summer of being a quiet background hum, this week the cicadas cranked up their volume to eleven. That probably means they have doubled their population and are now invading homes, like a bad horror movie. I like to believe that they are just telling us goodbye as they vanish for the winter. I […]

fun with fireflies

Fun for everyone: Catching fireflies. Fun for children: Letting fireflies go free in the house. Fun for nobody: Forgetting to let fireflies go free.

no more walkin’ in the rain

The threat of rain had everyone evacuating the dangerous outdoors last night. I can remember sitting in Neyland Stadium with technicolor storms overhead while the players never left the field. Is the weather more dangerous now? As children, we never missed a chance to play in the rain. Now, my children whine about never getting […]

send calamine

One night this week, a mosquito viciously attacked me on the bottom of my foot. It woke me up enough to know I had an itch, but not enough to think clearly. I tried scratching with my non-afflicted foot, but apparently my toenails are too short to be useful. I rubbed the foot on the […]

vampire bugs

It’s not fair to wake up with more mosquito bites than you had when you went to bed. How can I fight back at night? How extra evil is it to repeatedly attack a child sleeping in their crib? Mosquitoes are blood sucking vermin that serve no good purpose. I’m sure they rank somewhere on […]