i resemble that implication

Why did my brother send me THIS link when he should be visiting THIS link? I have actually been quite busy today. After creating a new blog and registering for the Blogathon, Evan cut his finger and bled all over the house (and me) while I had a small nervous breakdown. After I calmed down, we became the last people in this town to see Pirates 2. A few jump out of your seat moments and two eww, yuck scenes made me happy we left the youngest two with the grandparents. Tomorrow we have some volunteer work to do for STAR. Sunday, Sarah comes home. Have a great weekend everyone.

2 thoughts on “i resemble that implication

  1. The credits are the longest credits I’ve ever seen in my life! At one point 5 or 6 columns of names fills the screen. It is well worth watching just to see the names!

    And perhaps… just perhaps.. a tidbit at the very end.

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