World Breastfeeding Week 2006

I was certain that World Breastfeeding Week 2005 would be my last year as a participant, but here it is again, so I made sure to freak out some man at the zoo today. In my defense, I thought the dark and empty, cave-like viewing area for the gorillas would be a good place to quietly feed Evan. Evan decided that the cave was completely lacking in air flow and suffocatingly hot, so he repeatedly shoved my shirt up to give us both air, while I pushed it down to avoid flashing the family that appeared while I was feeding him. The man did that double-take that says “is she really doing what I think she’s doing” before yelling at his kids that it was time to leave that instant. I wonder if he freaks out about the baby goats nursing in the petting zoo.

3 thoughts on “World Breastfeeding Week 2006

  1. The strangest breastfeeding moments for me, as a guy, come from my days working in the Children’s Room at Lawson McGhee Library. Once I was doing a storytime there. In between stories, one of the mothers asked if it was ok for her to feed her baby. I said sure. So she fixed her shirt, popped the baby into position and that was that. I tried not to miss a beat and started the next story.

  2. That guy would probably riot our zoo. Our lions mate in front of nuns and a monkey likes to wank his willie in full view of visitors. On a rock no less. OW.

  3. Yes, the lions at the Dallas zoo have a few neat “tricks” for the visitors.

    I’m thinking breastfeeding has GOT to be tamer than most things like that. Maybe the guy’s a prude?

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