this is Noah’s year for attention

The karate studio had a group picture made for the community section of our local paper. While the photographer took his shots, I was wrestling Amy and carelessly snapping shots and Doug was chasing Evan. I looked at the pictures when I got home and realized Noah was making bunny ears and goofy faces in nearly every shot. Doug alerted the karate studio who alerted the photographer who took a closer look and realized the pic he was sending had bunny ears. Congratulations Noah. You have now had an arm photoshopped out of a newspaper photo.

2 thoughts on “this is Noah’s year for attention

  1. Oh yes, you have to watch the liberal press and the way they doctor photos to make Bush look bad, like this one: Oh, my bad, that was Bush’s own campaign. 🙂

    Boy, the Dartmouth study (link from the link)is pretty critical of any “touching” of photos. I guess they don’t think you should even fix an overexposure with valid picture developing techniques. A little too purist of an approach, if you ask me. Still, I don’t know if photoshopping Noah’s bunny ears out is really worth using the technology that we have.

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