rules of marriage

Furialog has posted 12 Rules for Marriage. My guidelines (because there are no rules) are somewhat different.
1. Maintain a sense of humor. Stop taking yourself so seriously. You’re not really married until you’ve laughed during sex.
2. Only one person gets to be crazy at a time. No explanation needed.
3. Choose your battles. Does it really matter which way the toilet paper drapes?
4. Public displays of affection are good. Kiss, hug and hold hands whenever possible, especially in front of your children.
5. Eat meals together and sleep in the same bed.
6. You and your spouse are both going to change in appearance, interests and opinions. Love your partner for who they are and who they may become.
7. No two couples are alike.
8. Live in the present while planning for the future. Let go of the past except to laugh about it (see number one).
9. Trust each other.
10. Read furialog’s #12 – Smile politely and ignore comments from the peanut gallery.

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