gettin’ geeky wit it

Last night’s tv choices were so bad that I found myself staring, slackjawed and forehead scrunched at Korgoth of Barbaria. Except for hee hawing like a donkey when the characters rolled their multi-sided dice, I’m not sure what I think of this show. Take a peek and decide for yourself.

Earlier in the evening I was too busy with Evan to change the channel when the credits to As Good As It Gets started rolling. I’ve seen that movie a thousand times and last night was the first time I heard Art Garfunkel singing Monty Python. Very cool.

2 thoughts on “gettin’ geeky wit it

  1. I saw Korgoth too. And yep, other than the dice bit, it did not seem so funny. But I did watch it all. Not sure why either. It did make me eager to see the proposed Conan animated movie on the way — and I’ll just have to watch Korgoth once more to decide if i like it.

  2. I happened to catch it the other night while looking to see if that dumb show Shin Chan was on. For some reason I’m watching it again, in place of Venture Brothers. Why? I don’t know. The second viewing isn’t much better.

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