critter updates

Tommy’s fish are either infertile or completely unattracted to each other but he has gone from one snail to 21 snails. Isn’t that a lot of inbreeding? Should I be watching for snail deformities?

My mother’s corgi (Crystal) is staying with us while my mother is in the rehab center. At night she lies on her side and two of her legs seem to act like kickstands to keep her from rolling while the other two legs just stick out and float in the air. She looks so strange I have to poke the dog to make sure she’s alive.

Molly (our german shepherd) is getting tons of exercise and entertainment with Crystal visiting. They wrestle and chase each other for hours. When Molly is tired she just rolls her eyes and looks at Crystal indignantly. At night we separate the two dogs so they’ll sleep instead of playing. Molly stretches out on our bed and goes into a semi-comatose state.

Gray, the outside cat, has done much less hunting since killing our two bats that I wish weren’t in the deep freezer. She only brought us a skink last week.

Two-Paws, the inside cat, continues her imitation of Rip Van Winkle. Since she doesn’t respond to anything we say anyway, shouldn’t she be given a more dignified name?

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