i want r-rated dreams dagnabit

I never remember the detail in my dreams that Doug seems to recall and they are usually too boring to warrant any time on the couch of self analysis. That said, dreaming about the two Corys, the same ones that Lisa Simpson prays for, should NOT involve me acting like Mrs.Doubtfire and directing them to clean it up and start behaving. Even Dr.Katz could figure out that dream.

One thought on “i want r-rated dreams dagnabit

  1. I saw your comment about post breastfeeding breasts on Blogging Baby and I literally laughed out loud. Been there done that. ANYWAY, I wanted to tell u how funny it was. Then I stumbled upon this post. Funnily enough, I had an R rated dream about Dr. Will from Big Brother last night and now all I can remember is that he liked the iced tea I gave him after it was all over. lol (I DO make some mean iced tea tho. heh heh)

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