tot rock

Every parents’ nightmare is coming to Knoxville. I’d take Amy and Evan and let them blog a review if it was free, but $40. a ticket is too much for bubble gum flavored vomit. I felt the same way about Dora Live until Amy’s reaction made it so much fun. If it was Laurie Berkner coming to Knoxville, I would sell my kidneys and camp out to buy tickets

5 thoughts on “tot rock

  1. Dan Zanes is awesome. I really like Laurie, too. I’d never seen these Doodlebops until I clicked the link.
    It is horrible. And scary. And they aren’t even talented. Is this crap actually popular?

  2. My daughter likes the Doodlebops and I breifly entertained this idea. I might have actually done it if I lived in Knoxville. Here (well actually they will be at “The Theater” at Madison Square Garden in NYC), the tickets are in the neighborhood of $70 a piece.

    At $70 a pop she has to more than “like” them, she needs to be fall down in love with them.

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