Family Updates

The library timer is ticking down rapidly and Evan is not going to tolerate my not holding him for much longer, so I’ll be quick. My grandmother is deteriorating rapidly and it’s hard to know when to laugh and when to cry about her hysterics. My mother is still dragging her left leg and the PT has convinced her that she’s going to need a second surgery on that knee next month. Her dog has some sort of gastric problem that she has decided is due to the dog food we fed her (the dog, not my mom) when she stayed with us for a month. I feel terrible about it. My mother has a bee in her bonnet about getting her garage cleaned out, which she can’t physically do, so we are going over there every few days to excavate in the decades of debris. Last night’s archeological dig uncovered a movie theater poster from my high school days. I don’t want to say it’s old, but it features a falling star who is a nutcase now and I used to time my work breaks so that I could spend them watching the train scene in this movie. Anyone other then my brother know what movie the poster advertised in the theater?

The other side of my sandwich includes Evan falling into the marble windowsill and putting his tooth all the way thru his bottom lip and two teenagers who are convinced that we don’t have Internet right now just to ruin their fall break. Doug and Noah are supposed to go camping with the Boy Scouts this weekend. Doug is going to try to get out of it, but he’s burning his candle at both ends right now, not sleeping and really needs the time to clear his head. There’s nothing he can do here on Saturday and Sunday anyway. Well, he could mow, but at this point, who really cares what the yard looks like. I feel very closed off from the world and alone. My time is up already.

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