Doug likes to freak people out. He can deny this, but it is true. I asked him to figure out shelter for the outside cat. I was thinking a box with a blanket, the old doghouse or even something in the garage. I wasn’t expecting him to do anything as elaborate as this. While I was taking a bath this morning, I heard the familiar noise of Doug using the table saw. I shuddered and waited. Doug walked in with an earlobe to earlobe grin. “I cut a big hole in the front deck for the cat.” And that is exactly what he did.

3 thoughts on “cathouse

  1. It’s enjoying the box I put on the porch with hay in it while I finish the cathouse. Cathy is guessing I’ll be finished in the Spring at about the same time we decide to tear up the deck to replace it with a patio.

    I think the box with the hay is more in line with what Cathy was expecting me to do.

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