mom abuse

After this evening’s teenage girl drama over nothing mediation, I am making a new rule. The Busy Body Book which I use to keep track of all 7 members of the household’s activities, grocery lists and errands that need to be run is now Sarah’s entertainment calendar also. If the activity that she wants to do is not written in the Busy Body Book the day before, it is not happening. No more phone calls from the bus asking to get off at someone else’s stop to go do something. No more “Can you drive me to ___ right now.” If it’s not in the book, the answer is no. Yes, I am a big meanie. I am a big meanie who is physically and emotionally exhausted. Don’t mess with the tired woman. Where’s my eggnog?

2 thoughts on “mom abuse

  1. The busy body book sounds like that clock from Harry Potter that Ron Weasley’s mother used to keep track of her family.

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