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All of the children (well, not Evan) are looking forward to a movie that is being released between now and Christmas, but they all want different movies. They will all get sent to the movies so that I can compare, count, wrap and practice stuffing before the big day, but which movie should it be? Eragon? A Night at the Museum? Charlotte’s Web? Maybe I’ll get to see Spiderman III or Order of the Phoenix and let Doug stay home with Evan.

2 thoughts on “new movies

  1. Spiderman III release date is currently (and tentatively) set for May 4th of 2007 and the next Harry Potter isn’t expected until July of 2007 so you can forget being able to see them.

  2. I meant that maybe I would actually get to go see a movie sometime next summer. I very rarely see anything in the theater any more.

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