5 thoughts on “Dear Doug,

  1. Good luck with this one. I’ve been fighting it since junior year of highschool. You’ll hear him say “I’m going to get rid of all my old computer parts and electronics since I’ll never use them again.” before he pronounces “idea” correctly!

  2. Kerry says idear and he isn’t stupid enough to go to Iraq.

    I’m actually from New England (apparently) see comment 21. And JeannieB in comment 22 thinks it is “cute.”

    I suppose I could be from Boston.

    And let’s not forget about the laws of physics. Specifcally the Law of Conservation of Letters. There are a finite number of letters in the universe. One may not be destroyed without another being created. Therefore when someone in Boston gets in his “ca” to drive to the store I must have an “idear” so that the R is conserved. Otherwise the universe collapses.

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