about that card picture (part 1)

Today I am mailing our Christmas cards. If I get addresses wrong, they’ll be returned to me instead of mis-delivered like yesterday’s packages. Anyway, there are a few things that need to be explained about the picture before anyone sees it. The first thing is Sarah’s expression. Last year I took hours and over a hundred pictures to get the one I finally chose. Like snowflakes, no two pictures were alike. However, Sarah had a beautiful smile on her face in every single picture. Not this year. This year she was too cool to smile. She was also extremely annoyed at the entire picture taking process. “This is so stupid. Why do we have to take a group picture every year?” Sarah was put out that she had Tommy and Noah on either side of her instead of Amy and Evan as she requested. I guess she doesn’t think that your coolness factor goes down every time you say “stop touching me”. My request that everyone wear a red shirt was apparently a challenge to find a way to bend the rules, since she zipped a red jacket up over her t-shirt and paint-covered jeans instead of putting on a nice shirt or sweater. To make sure I knew that she was doing it her way, she unzipped and re-zipped after every click of the camera. Finally, there is the hair. Last year she carefully braided her hair so that her smiling face shined brightly. This year she took her hands and pulled a chunk of hair so that it covered one side of her face, ala ‘The Incredibles’ Violet. No, it is not a great picture of Sarah, but it is a great representation of her attitude.

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