don’t call me

Evan likes cell phones. He knows how they work and frequently calls friends and family so that they can hear him carry the phone around the house with us obliviously chatting in the background. My phone is either beside my computer or in my purse and Evan knows how to find it. Evan drools. He drools a LOT. He drools into my phone. It now sounds like a conversation taking place in a swimming pool when people call me on my phone. The phone works great for text messaging and playing Bejeweled, but it is fairly useless for conversations. Now if I could just talk everyone into using text messaging.

Update: My phone doesn’t acknowledge incoming calls when it is being charged. I have swapped my battery for Doug’s battery that holds no charge so that he can use his phone for work. Now I have to re-charge the phone every 30 minutes and get no incoming calls while doing so. I hate this phone.

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