evil pug puppies

Last night we were all stir crazy for an outing and needed to waste time while Sarah loitered at the mall, so we headed over to PetSmart for critter watching and petting. Evan and Amy stared at the fish and giggled at the frogs. Noah complained that he needed a critter of his own and I ignored him. Evan was hypnotized by the guinea pigs while Amy counted the color combinations of the birds. Noah whined about wanting a pet that would sleep in his room and I said no. We all petted a pair of slobbery chocolate labs and spent forever getting kisses from two adoptable puppies. Then, we came across two huge, frightening tiny, wagging pug puppies. After touching every single thing in the store, Evan took one look at those little fluffy balls of happiness and backed up three feet. He had no intention of getting anywhere near the completely harmless pugs. Giant dogs with paws bigger than his head, no fear. Itty bitty puppies that he could squish, frightening. I bet I could put a gerbil moat around the tree and he would quit picking off the ornaments.

One thought on “evil pug puppies

  1. HAH! (Ok, but pugs are just unnatural looking things! He probably thought they were some kind of mutants.)

    I like the gerbil moat idea!

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