Mom’s side of the story

Last week, I was downstairs with a sleeping Amy and Evan while there was a minor battle between Doug and Sarah. I know it was minor because I listen from downstairs and intervene if I hear raised voices. I wondered about this ‘outfit’ all day. When Sarah walked in, I gave it a visual and mentally looked for anything that could have been rolled down, unbuttoned or otherwise altered out of parents’ sight. I even asked her to raise her arms and touch her toes. There was absolutely nothing indecent about her jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. What was clearly obvious, was her well-developed curves. I know that some alarm went off in the back of Doug’s head when he saw her, even though he didn’t know exactly why that alarm was ringing. It’s a father alarm and when those of you with young daughters hear that alarm but don’t understand it, give me a call.

3 thoughts on “Mom’s side of the story

  1. Mom’s have that alarm too. Trust me. Anni has lost a significant amount of weight, and she is looking quite … hot … I believe the word is. Yikes!

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