4 thoughts on “What’s more inappropriate in Target?

  1. Humans are hard-wired (for some reason) to read and notice words when they see them. That’s why signs work, and why billboard are successful marketing gimmicks. That’s also why people buy t-shirts with slogans on them, because if you just glance at someone wearing a t-shirt with something written on it, your eye is going to naturally read the words. You can’t help it.

    That’s why I hate when young girls (even pre-teens) wearing shorts with words across the rear. I feel like a dirty old man because you can’t help reading a word that’s in front of you. Same with right across the chest on t-shirts…

    I think that’s worse than the stiletto heels/fishnets.

  2. We had a friend who’s sister-in-law bought her velvet sweat pants with Bootyliscious airbrushed across the butt. That was our screen saver for some time. But I would say curse words are more inappropriate. Along that same vein, I was walking into a rest area once and say a girl walk out with no shoes on, then a guy leave a stall and not wash his hands and had the same though, which is worse?

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