Sarah knows everything now

When we’re in the car, Sarah and Tommy usually have their own music playing and I control the music on the car radio. While waiting for Doug and Noah to finish at Boy Scouts, I learned Sarah was without her own music when she leaned toward the front of the van and complained.
Sarah: “What are you listening to? Can’t you find something different?”
Me: “This is Led Zeppelin doing ‘All My Love’. I like it.”
Sarah: “No. Led Zeppelin is heavy metal and this is…I don’t know, but it’s not Led Zeppelin.”
Me: “Sarah, this is Led Zeppelin. It’s Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Bonham.”
Sarah: “No. In The Matrix when the lady has the skunk they are playing Led Zeppelin in the background and this is definitely not the same band.”
Me: “I have no idea what skunk you are talking about and I have no idea what’s on that soundtrack, but I promise you, this IS Led Zeppelin.”
Sarah: “Whatever. Mumble, mumble, not Led Zeppelin, mumble, mumble.

3 thoughts on “Sarah knows everything now

  1. Skunk? Matrix? I’m trying to figure that one out. Sorry no Led Zep on the Matrix soundtrack, at least not the first one. That’s cool that she knows who Led Zeppelin is.

  2. Led Zeppelin is NOT “metal” just rock… done right. 🙂

    Granted, “All of My Love” is not a prototypical song from them.

    So, I see Sarah didn’t need to bother to reach teenage years to reach teenage attitude.

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