more confessions

If an e-mail from my father has “fw:” in the subject, I delete it without reading it.

I can’t sleep when Doug isn’t home.

If I see the words “American Idol” or “Survivor” in a blog post, I don’t read that post.

I would rather have every child in the neighborhood playing at our house than my children be elsewhere.

The broken chips at the bottom of the bag taste best.

I don’t like seeing men wearing sleeveless shirts.

I make idle threats, like “Santa is watching”.

It frightens me how similar Sarah and I are.

I think Little Debbie Nutty Bars are the perfect food.

If I haven’t shaved my legs, I’m not encouraging Doug.

Sometimes I lock the bathroom door just to get 3 minutes of peace.

I think a popular Knoxville law professor blogger is a Republican shill and his wife a misogynistic shrew.

I don’t believe America is intelligent enough to elect a female or black president.

One thought on “more confessions

  1. Well that all sounds pretty normal to me! Obviously, you’ve got the measure of things. ;0)

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