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How do I put this delicately? Doug has an, umm, “eclectic” taste in movies that exposes me to certain less-than-B movies that I otherwise would have avoided. Since I am a movie fan and not a movie critic, I usually enjoy the variety that he brings (still can’t do slashers or children in peril movies). This weekend he started watching “Millennium” which I instantly tagged as cheesy, but found to be MST3K fun. So, the question it brings up, is if there is something worth the risk of traveling back in time to change? I can’t change anything in my life because I don’t want to risk not having our children. What about world events? What if George Bush hadn’t been re-elected? Maybe, but still pretty risky. What would you change?

8 thoughts on “time travel

  1. No. That would shatter our future utopia the Idolocracy, a perfect world guarded by a fearsome wall of insults.

  2. Can we travel forward and skip Bush’s State of the Union about how we’re all spoiled by our glamorous health insurance policies?

  3. I would So risk Dubya not being re-elected. I can’t think of any risk that is not worth removing him. I mean assume the whole work got thrown into chaos because Kerry became President, what is the possible worst thing that could happen if EVERYTHING went horribly wrong? President Bill Frist? It would have to be seriously bad to get come to that.

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