crying wolf (or snow)

Alright East TN weather forecasters, I’ll give you one more chance. You say it’s going to snow and ice, so I’ll run buy milk and bread (or whatever). But, this is your very last chance. If I don’t see some winter weather, I’m going to stop reading, watching or believing local weather ‘experts’.

5 thoughts on “crying wolf (or snow)

  1. Just go to or Both are far better than anything at the local stations.

    (And seemingly even the ones that “use” accuweather or NOAA… I guess they try to “reinterpret the data)

  2. We’re suppose to get some more of that stuff too. Everyone is worried about me traveling your way tomorrow because of the weather reports. Our weather reporters say that we will have a high of 4 degrees and a low of -15 degrees on Tuesday. I will be glad to be in the South.

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