Noah says:

Noah: “At today’s nurse talk, all the boys got deodorant!”
Mom: “Did you learn how to use deodorant?”
Noah: “Um, no. We talked about germs making you smell bad.”
Dad: insert long, complicated explanation of puberty, body hair and odors here
Noah: blink-blink
Mom: “Don’t put the deodorant anyplace but your underarms please.”
Noah: giggle-giggle
Dad: “I would be really good at the school ‘nurse talks’.”
Mom: “I think you are a little TOO informative for the 5th graders.”

3 thoughts on “Noah says:

  1. What are dads for except infusing long, boring, inappropriate explanations into our kids’ lives?

    And what’s more, it’s always fun to keep them guessing which ones are true and which explanations are true and which ones I make up off the top of my head.

    I blame Calvin’s dad for those.

  2. My 5th grader and his friends all got deodorants at the beginning of the school year. It had to be either Tag or Axe. They were very specific about scents, as well.
    A month later, the teachers had to ban all deodorants as girls complained of the constant smell. I guess there really is too much of a good thing.

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