games children play (bonk)

While head-butting Evan last night, I flashed back several decades to a game I taught my youngest brother when he was Evan’s age. The game is simple. Extend one arm and clench that hand in a fist. Like a cartoon mallet on Roger Rabbit’s head, clonk fist on unsuspecting head and say “bonk” while giggling. The beauty of “bonk” was that it could be directed (go bonk Dad) or happen unprompted. Unprompted bonks were inflicted on confused neighbors, neighborhood children and our grandparents. While “bonk” never failed to make the children in the house roll on the floor with laughter, it generally made our mother frown and mumble to herself. This made it even funnier. While not as annoying to parents as Gnip-Gnop, bonk remains one of the best games to teach an unsuspecting toddler.

One thought on “games children play (bonk)

  1. We have crunchy crunchy bonk, which still gets pulled out occasionally by pigpen.
    It involves rubbing noses together, saying ‘crunchy crunchy’, and then butting our foreheads together and saying ‘bonk’, and him rolling with laughter. I usually just have a sore head.

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