11 thoughts on “old guys touring again

  1. Whats gonna be embarrassing is when I tell you how old I was when the Police broke up…
    I had a Synchronicity folder in 4th grade, if it tells you anything

  2. We used to listen to Candy O on 8 track. I know, that’s the Cars, but there’s a connection.

    (wait for it…)

    Police.. Cars!

    Ha! I kill me.

    Oh, yeah, the Police. I remember the creepy video about wrapping her around his finger when we were in college. Liked candles, I think.

    My kids think U2 have always worked for Ipod, heh.

  3. How far through that concert did you make it? And for whom was the ticket originally purchased? Also, for bonus points, what song was playing in the background when you called from the stadium’s medical office?

  4. Are you kidding? You really want to play out some 25 year old sibling drama? I called because I had a vicious migraine. I left during the first encore. I’m sorry you are still angry.

  5. Well, I’m guessing if she had a migraine, the song would be, “A really loud one”

    And being the “bitter” brother, I can only guess they were supposed to be your tickets?

    Of course I have absolutely nothing to base that on, but thought I would play along anyway 🙂

    Oh, and back to the Cathy’s question, do I really need to admit that I was a senior in high school when they were inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame?

  6. You’re on the money regarding the ticket. If I remember right, I got the ticket for my birthday (or bought it around my birthday) but the parents decided at the last minute that I was too young to go see a punkish new wave reggae combo (which makes them, not Cathy, the object of any well-aged bitterness I might still choose to sip). Cathy called from the stadium’s medical office with a migraine, with Walking on the Moon clearly audible in the background.

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