Westminster talk begins

I will say what I say every year. I root for every dog EXCEPT the poodles. Poodle breeders have done such an excellent job of refining their breed that the other breeds are disadvantaged when competing next to them. I think that instead of banning some of the well-known, aggressive terrier breeds, they should put them in the hands of caring breeders (and out of the hands of psychotic owners) to refine the breed for several years before resuming the breed’s sale. The event is starting off with two of my favorite groups, the Working Group followed by the Terrier Group. I love the big, lively working breeds. The terriers are funny, happy little dogs. I had a Cairn terrier as a child who was the quirkiest dog ever. She made a whirring, yodeling noise when she was happy and she could jump straight up a good 4 feet. She was also impossible to contain as she could dig out of any fence. Don’t get a Cairn because you love the Wizard of Oz. Get a Cairn because you have an active lifestyle and want a dog who can keep up with your family.

Update: The Akita won the Working Group. I was rooting for the Malamute, but the judge had the winner determined before she even broke the group down. The Dandie Dinmont won the Terrier Group. The terriers were all so wonderful, I was cheering for them all.

4 thoughts on “Westminster talk begins

  1. I wish I had cable.

    I grew up in a dog show family – my mom and I showed Shelties for nearly a decade during my pre-teen and teen years. An interesting way to spend adolescence. 🙂

  2. There are lots of clips on the Westminster site if you have patience (and time) for the slow, slow loading.

    I had Shelties as a child. My Mother’s last Sheltie is buried in our yard. They are such wonderful dogs!

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