Best in Show

There is very little to say about this part of the show. Every dog in the group is flawless. They all deserve to win. At this point it seems to come down to the dog’s personality and how well they perform tonight. I suspect it also has a teeny bit to do with the Judge’s personal tastes. I think that this part of the show happens so very quick it’s hard to believe how hard the dogs and their staff (owner, handler, breeder, groomer, vet, etc.) have worked to get here. Congratulations to the Springer Spaniel! Excellent choice!

Westminster had their own blog coverage of the event. I think they should send me next year.

3 thoughts on “Best in Show

  1. Judging groups and best in show must be exceedingly difficult…just to have the working knowledge of all the standards! I imagine that you’re right and that a lot of it comes down to the the judge’s personal tastes and the performance of the dogs.
    Thanks for all of your updates – I’ve enjoyed it.

  2. Did you note that the black cocker spaniel is from Knoxville? I believe it is the same cocker that made it to he sporting group last year. Actually, because of telling the hubby during lastyears Westminster, that the cocker was from Knoxville, I was given a very mall opening to look for a new dog. Merlin wasnt’ very impressed, as I tried to get him to watch the cockers in the ring. While I was partial to the black cocker (during the sporting group judging), the springer was also an excellent choice. And look at where he wound up, Best in Show.

  3. I completely missed that the cocker is a Knoxville dog. Molly wasn’t interested in any of the dogs or the handlers weird noises.

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