Westminster fashion police

For the most part, the handlers at Westminster dress as if they were going to a county club event. Sleek suits, beautiful skirts and sequined dresses were all seen last night and tonight they will be even more formally dressed. All very appropriate for the biggest event in dog shows, which is broadcast live on national television. The clever handlers make sure that their appearance highlights their dog, either by coordinating or contrasting. Almost every single handler falls apart when it comes to choosing shoes. The shoes are unquestioningly u-g-l-y. This show is in New York for goodness sake. Why can’t they run out and grab some nice shoes? One of the stores might even deliver shoes backstage. Why do they even go to Westminster unprepared to be in the final competitions? Westminster should invite some wardrobe consultants to help the handlers. Some clever shoe designer should travel the dog circuit and sell comfortable but attractive shoes to dog show people. A pair of plain black boots would look better than all those lace-up orthopedic shoes.

Update: Have someone backstage pin, roll or cut those slips so they don’t show!

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